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Rewards at every level:  
Our new benefits program

Increase your customer level and enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts in our webshop. The more you shop, the higher you will climb in the level and the bigger rewards you will receive. Join our loyalty program now and get rewarded for your loyalty.


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Premium Matt | 1:1 | Volume

Eyelash Adhesive Premium Gold

Content: 0.005 Liter (€6,600.00* / 1 Liter)

Lash Shampoo | 100ml

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From €9.90*
Glue Dryer

Content: 0.015 Liter (€2,126.67* / 1 Liter)

Exercise mat for eyelashes

Primer | Pink & Alcool | 10ml

Content: 0.01 Liter (€1,790.00* / 1 Liter)


Eye Tape


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A look says more than a thousand words. It can be convincing, provocative or self-assured - depending on the charisma. The look in your eyes can take the breath away in many a situation. True to the motto "I can't see my haters - my lashes are too long", artificial eyelashes give their wearers a well-deserved boost of self-confidence. Who wouldn't like to go to the bathroom after getting up in the morning, look in the mirror and be able to say with conviction "I woke up like this"? With eyelash extensions, this is no longer a dream, but a reality - morning after morning. Because our eyelashes and the associated adhesive convince with their gentle and allergen-free formula. The false eyelashes do not weigh down and have a natural curl. The glue ensures that the false eyelashes adhere to the natural eyelashes over a long period of time and that your customers are permanently satisfied. Who still thinks of diamonds? Lashes are a girls best friend! That's why you'll find everything you need to work in your professional beauty salon. You don't offer eyelash extensions yet? Then now is exactly the right time to start! We are happy to advise you and show you in our training courses how you can successfully start your own studio. Find out more about everything to do with beautiful eyelashes here.


All products and services carry the personal values of Miss Lashes, to impart knowledge competently, to exceed quality standards and to set worldwide medical levels, trends and standards.




Miss Lashes®, founded in July 2013 and based in Horb am Neckar, Germany, is a beauty and lifestyle

company that develops, markets and distributes products (Made in Germany) for the beauty industry through a professional webshop. The Miss Lashes® team works daily to optimize and expand products and services for you. The welfare of animals is very important to us and is also very important to us in the manufacture of our products, which is why we pay attention exclusively to animal-free and predominantly vegan products.


Our brand stands for quality, innovation and competence. For over six years we have been successfully developing products that are adapted to the needs of your customers. At the same time, we want to make your work in the salon easier with brilliant ideas, accessories and new technology. In doing so, we set high standards. Our products are "Made in Germany" and meet the demands of the beauty industry. In addition, lashes, glue and co. are free of animal testing and partially vegan. And we don't forget the environment: our Eco Line convinces with sustainable packaging and materials. Biodegradable applicators and mascara brushes made of bamboo allow you and us to reduce the need for plastic. Your customers will be thrilled.

But we don't just want to sell high-quality beauty essentials, we also want to pass on our professional knowledge to you. When it comes to artificial eyelashes, we are professionals. That's why our team offers training courses in which you can deepen your know-how about eyelashes. Are you a newcomer and would like to take a first look at the world of decorative cosmetics? Or do you already own a salon and are eager to expand your knowledge in the field of fake eyelashes? We will pick you up exactly where you are right now and show you your possibilities. Profit from our knowledge and educate yourself further at Miss Lashes.

Give your customers a feeling of beauty with Miss Lashes eyelash extensions. True to the motto "You can do anything – just let me do your eyelashes first" you dismiss divas, beauty queens and queens from your studio.


An established beauty and lifestyle company specialized in lash extensions. Granted, we didn't invent the beauty business. However, we have revolutionized it and made it our mission to provide every person with expressiveness, elegance, and beauty.


The Special Thing About Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes in the thickness of 0.15 have the same texture as volume lashes in the thickness of 0.07, without losing any volume. On the contrary: their "wide" shape gives an irresistible look full of expression and darkness. Flat Lashes in the thickness of 0.20 are comparable in weight to 0.10 lashes.


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyelashes are their curtains. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes expressive or completely natural, they frame our gaze and give it the perfect expression. Everyone likes their eyelashes differently. While some rely on lash extensions, others prefer lash wreaths. Your customers should feel good from head to toe. So that their eyes shine all around at all times, we have used our experience and developed a special offer for Fake Lashes. With us you will become an eyelash professional.

Bad hair day? Doesn't matter - the eyelashes are in place! Fake eyelashes are now as normal as mascara used to be. The artificial eyelashes are available in different types: for gluing on, magnetic or also as long-lasting eyelash extensions. The advantages? A new look can be created every day. Discreet and elegant for the business meeting or strikingly sexy for the romantic date in the evening. The right eyelashes round off the entire outfit. Fake lashes are currently the trend and make all eye shine.

For many women, their natural lash line is not enough. Often the eyelashes are too short or not dense enough. Fortunately, however, you no longer have to do without it: Eyelash curls, extensions and co. fulfill every wish. With the products from Miss Lashes, every customer gets her personal feel-good eye look.


There is no one true eyelash shape for the individual eye look. Because eyes can be many things: almond-shaped, sloping, small, round, deep-set. Every eye shape needs a special form of artificial eyelashes to set it perfectly in scene. Therefore, we offer you professional lash extensions with different curls:

  • The B-Curl: These artificial eyelashes are particularly well suited for straight eyelashes. They have a slight bend.
  • The C-Curl: Fake eyelashes with a C-Curl are very popular due to their stronger curl.The CC-Curl is more curved than the C-Curl.
  • The D-Curl: Lashes in this shape are particularly dramatically curved and make the eye look beautifully expressive.
  • The DD-Curl: is more curved than the D-Curl.
  • M-Curl: The M-Curl is a very strong bend for extravagant eyelashes with a special curl

In addition to the shape, there are other criteria with regard to which artificial eyelashes differ. Ready-made fans, for example, are suitable for simple thickening of the eyelashes. The ready-made fans allow you to conjure up convincing fullness in the lash line in no time, even without the volume technique. With the 1:1 technique, the fans are attached to the individual natural lashes. The feet are discreet and unobtrusive. This is how you develop quick, convincing looks with artificial eyelashes. You want to create particularly professional and long-lasting results? Our individual eyelashes are excellently suited for this. They are attached to the natural lashes using volume technology and do not weigh them down. Since the lashes are glued on individually, you can create your own individual eye look. Combine different lengths and thicknesses and emphasize each eye as desired.

Would you like a little something extra? With Diamond Lashes, you can make every lash line even more elegant. Small Swarovski crystals are attached to the false eyelashes, which make your customer's eyes shine. That's not enough? How about colored eyelashes? These eyelashes are available in different colors and let the colorful side of your customer come out. Order eyelashes now and convince your customers.





Important: Our eyelashes were produced without animal testing and are not an animal product.



For a special evening, you also need a perfect make-up. Fake eyelashes are in! Eyelash wreaths are perfect for temporary eyelash thickening or extension. Your customers can easily apply the false eyelashes from Miss Lashes in their own bathroom. Before the next refill appointment, they fill in small gaps. A little dexterity and practice and the false eyelashes are attached in an instant with the tweezers. What they need for this? Tweezers or applicator, eyelash glue and our Lashes. First, the glue is applied to the back of the eyelash band. With the practical applicator, the wreaths are now attached to the eyelid, as close as possible to the natural lashes. Finished is the perfect eye look. During evening make-up removal, the false eyelashes are removed again.



Not everyone wants a complete eyelash extension right away. Those who prefer to stick with the natural look but still want a bit more volume and length will be happy with a lash lift. This procedure is suitable for everyday use as well as for dancing through the night.
With eyelash lifting, the natural eyelashes are permanently curled and receive a kind of perm. The eye look lasts for about six weeks - no more eyelash curlers! We offer complete lash lifting sets that are quickly ready for use. Eyebrow lifts are also an absolute favorite. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lilly Collins show how it's done - you pass the look on to your customers. Bushy eyebrows are more fashionable than ever. But if you plucked too much in the past, you may have trouble "growing" your brows in a wider shape after the fact. With a brow lift, you'll help. The professional lift makes brows look fuller and visually gives them a volume boost. It keeps the brows in shape for up to eight weeks. That's not enough for your customers? Then you can reach for a needle and paint: Microneedling turns eyebrows into true works of art. So it's not just your eyelashes that are freshly styled when you get up! By the way: We are not only professionals when it comes to styling eyelashes and eyebrows. Removing unwanted hairs is also a supreme discipline that we have taken on. Waxing from top to bottom? No problem with our warm wax. The pleasant scent alone will make your customers forget about the minimal pulling during waxing. You'll find everything you need at Miss Lashes.


Do you have a beautiful salon and always provide your customers with new beauty essentials? Then our eyelashes can't be missing. Browse through our assortment and discover everything about the beauty of the eyes. For eyelash extensions or thickening with lash extensions, you'll also find adhesives, tweezers, eye pads, hygiene products and other accessories at Miss Lashes. With these, you can make every eye look unique.
Turn your professional studio into a wellness oasis with our Miss Lashes studio equipment. With lash cushions, treatment couches and blankets, you can raise the feel-good factor to the top. This way, every guest enjoys the eyelash extension to the fullest. Instead of a simple appointment, the time with you is a time-out for the soul. And we also have a lot in store for yourself: Miss Lashes shirts, blouses and belts let you stand in perfect light and show your professionalism. Floor lamp, work chair and apron simplify your work and make it as comfortable as possible. A humidifier ensures that there is never thick air in your eyelash nostrils. Regardless of whether you're a customer or an artist - feeling good is the be-all and end-all when it comes to beauty. After all, a relaxing wellness feeling can only come about in a relaxed atmosphere. And when the next customer leaves the store, they will not only feel beautiful, but also like newborn!


With a beautiful end result, you put a smile on your customer's face. This strengthens emotional customer loyalty. Every woman is happy when she saves some time in the bathroom in the morning because the eye make-up is already on fleek. The feeling of looking naked or empty when the makeup is removed is a thing of the past. The artificial eyelashes only need to be sorted and cared for with a fine eyelash brush. And this also has advantages for you: Once a Lashaholic - always a Lashaholic. If your girls are satisfied, they will come to your studio again and again to have the extensions filled.

So that the artificial eyelashes stay in shape for a long time, you will find gentle care products. Sell them in your salon and bring a part of the wellness feeling to your customers at home. Care for false eyelashes should not be neglected. Conventional cleansers and makeup removers can attack the glue and the lashes. Thus, the lash artwork is prematurely destroyed and your customer depressed. However, regular cleaning of the lashes is essential. With our Lash Shampoos, the eyes are reliably freed from make-up - without complications. Natural extracts from exotic fruits care for the lashes and facial skin. For natural eyelashes there is legal doping: serums ensure that the eyelashes grow back faster and fuller and provide a good basis for lifting and eyelash extensions.

All eyes are different and react differently to the treatment. Especially clients who get artificial eyelashes for the first time can react negatively to gases and vapors. Therefore, always be well prepared for any situation. Eye drops can quickly soothe irritated eyes during treatment and relieve discomfort. For particularly sensitive customers we have put together SOS sets. The ingredients are a boon for itching, burning and other side effects. So you can nip any problems in the bud. Because the only thing that should be dramatic are the artificial eyelashes of your customer after the treatment.