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"I love to see beauty in everything, to recognize it and above all I love to create beauty. Human beings are naturally made to strive for harmony, aesthetics and order and to create an environment in which they feel comfortable and satisfied with themselves and this is exactly what is reflected in our group of companies."- Irina Yalcin, CEO & Founder

D5 Beauty & Lifestyle

The D5 Beauty and Lifestyle GmbH & Co. KG exists since 2014 and was founded by Irina Yalcin through the company Miss Lashes. Miss Lashes is known worldwide for high-quality eyelash extensions and is established throughout Europe. In the B2B segment, the company targets stylists and offers them not only products for eyelash extensions that are of unparalleled quality, but also training and education.
In addition to Miss Lashes, the companies Miss Brows, BB Skin, Niclay and most recently Sulola have joined the company over the course of time. Niclay and Sulola represent the two brands of D5 Beauty & Lifestyle, which have recognized the needs of the B2C trade and satisfied them in a future-oriented manner.

Miss Lashes

Miss Lashes was founded in 2014 by Irina Yalcin, who had the goal of getting more out of the products for stylist:ins around the eye. Having worked as an eyelash stylist herself, she knew the shortcomings of existing products and what really mattered. She now runs D5 Beauty & Lifestyle GmbH and Co KG in the Black Forest with a total of five brands and operates worldwide.
Miss Lashes was founded out of the intention to develop high quality "Made in Germany" products around the eye.
Our products were born out of a shortage and met the needs of the market with their high standards. Especially in the area of the sensitive eye, where inferior produced adhesives can corrode the cornea, the carefully tested quality key is indispensable.

Miss Brows & BB Skin

The perfect extension

After Miss Lashes conquered the lash market, it was clear that our products could do more. Including the eyebrows in the appearance of the lashes was an obvious step that we took with passion - Miss Brows was born and offers brow stylists around the globe exactly the products that were missing on the market until then.
Then BB Skin followed from the same intention: The industry literally called us and we developed the unique BB Skin Serum, which met the demands and quality standards of D5 GmbH & Co. KG.
Thus, we now offer a large part of the products that stylists need: Everything around eyelashes, eyebrows and facial treatments like BB Skin or Microblading.

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