Knee roll | Different Colors | Light Gray | Microvelour

Knee roll | Different Colors | Light Gray | Microvelour

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Knee roll - Made in Germany

Eyelash extensions or other facial treatments often require a lot of patience from your customer. She has to lie still for a long time and cannot move back and forth at will. Therefore, you want to make her stay in your studio as comfortable as possible. This includes a pleasant room temperature, soft relaxing music and a warming blanket - and of course a versatile knee roll.

To make lying on your back for long periods of time more comfortable, the use of a knee roll has proven to be effective. These rolls are among the most popular positioning rolls. They help to prevent painful parts of the body and relieve the joints. The spine is evenly loaded by the use of knee rolls and thus you prevent tension in your customer. If she otherwise suffers from back pain, she will find the use of a roll particularly relieving and relaxing. This will automatically relax her entire musculature.

The Miss Lashes knee rolls convince with their excellent workmanship. Even with daily use in your studio, they remain beautiful and color-fast for a long time. The inner material of the knee roll is particularly dimensionally stable. If the knee roll is loaded, it withstands the pressure and retains its shape.

High quality knee rolls for your studio

The Miss Lashes knee roll with fabric cover is available in 12 trendy colors that will also spice up your treatment room. The knee roll is available with fabric cover or with leather cover. The knee roll with fabric cover is made of a comfortable micro suede. The leather knee roll is made of imitation leather. The leather knee roll is available in refreshing colors that put you in a good mood. After use, you can simply wipe the leatherette knee roll with a damp cloth. The antimicrobial cover is extremely easy to clean.

Choose different covers for knee rolls to set color accents in your studio. Or choose a knee roll with cover that perfectly matches the rest of your studio equipment and harmonizes with your other Miss Lashes furnishings. Due to its simple design and the beautiful color, the roll always makes a good impression. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you will enjoy it for a long time. It will stand up well to the daily rigors of the beauty salon without sacrificing shape, color or functionality. 

Knee roll for massage

In your studio you can use the knee roll for massage of your clients. It allows comfortable positioning of your client in supine position. By using the knee roll for massage you avoid a bad position of the lumbar spine or overstretching of the cervical spine of your client, which can become painful and uncomfortable. At the same time, the legs, arms and also the head are relieved and less pressure falls on them. You minimize the risk of your client suffering from pain during the treatment. Instead, she feels pleasantly massaged by the knee roll.

When we lie straight on our back, our spine supports our weight mainly with the sacrum and the middle part of our thoracic spine. When we lie on a firm surface - such as a massage table - we often find this uncomfortable. This often results in a hollow back, which is perceived as annoying or even painful. This is where the knee roll comes in handy: by using it, a bent knee position is made possible. Bending the knees allows the entire spine to rest. In this way, the entire back is evenly loaded - this is good for the spine and we find it comfortable.

Possible applications of the knee roll

The use of knee rolls is typical in the wellness and massage area. In cosmetic treatments it is mainly used for a comfortable position of the client. It fits perfectly under the knees of the client while she is on the treatment table. At the same time, the knee roll also favors an ideal working position for you.  

By using a roll, your client can relax faster and better. Her muscles are relaxed and she finds this lying position relaxing, especially if she otherwise suffers from back problems. You can carry out your treatments on a deeply relaxed customer in peace and quiet - even longer procedures such as microblading or eyelash extensions do not feel disturbing or stressful to her. She likes to remember the good feeling she enjoyed on your massage table and can hardly wait for her next treatment. 

You can also use the knee roll as a neck roll or as a support during a facial, manicure or pedicure. Here it can help that the feet or hands of your customer rest comfortably during the treatment.

  • more comfort during the treatment
  • high quality knee roll
  • relieves the spine
  • can also be used as a neck roll 


Dimensions: 50 cm long. 15 cm average

Please note: For hygienic reasons, the knee roll is excluded from return. 

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